About me

May 13, 2009

I live in the centre of Csikszereda. When I look around from my windows I can see the center of the town where are many interesting buildings.from my window

Firstly I can see the county hall, the  Sapientia university, the urban park, this is the biggest park in Csikszereda and the cultural centre. Here are many concerts, lectures. Furthermore I can see the Nagy Istvan Art Secondary School, a Bank named Carpatica, and a Greek catholic church. The most interesting is the main square (here you can see a panorama of this) where are many exhibitions and one or two concerts a year. Finally when I look around I can see the forest, which is around the town, this is a very relaxing sight.

I like to live here, because here I’m close to everything and the view is good.


6 Responses to “About me”

  1. vermes Endre Says:

    Tere are some errors in the text of this website . I would be happy to offer some help in editing future publications. I now live in England, but I am hungarian by birth with some ancestry in Transilvania. Sincerely Yours Vermes Endre

    • vargai Says:

      Thank you, I would be grateful. I’m thinking about restarting my blog. I haven’t dealt with my blog for a year.

  2. Am trying to find birth records from 1920 in following cities/towns of my family. Who would I contact. Am new at this Thank you, Gerald
    Hungary = Romania
    Marosvasarhely = Targu-Mures
    Segesvar = Sighisoara
    Ujszekely = Secuieni
    Brasso = Brosov
    gyoszentmiklos = Gheorgheni
    Czikszereda = Miercurea Ciuc

    • vargai Says:

      Hi, you aren’t aware of it.
      Hungary (English) = Magyarország (Hungarian) = Ungaria (Romanian language)
      Románia = România
      Marosvásárhely = Târgu Mureș
      Segesvár = Sighișoara
      Újszekely = Secuieni
      Gyergyószentmiklos = Gheorgheni
      Csíkszereda = Miercurea Ciuc

      So in the first column are the Hungarian names of the cities and in the second are the Romanian names. I hope, I could help you.

  3. Szia. Neztem a web oldalt es tetszik. Csak egy kicsitt lassu. Maskeppen a velemenyem az h. egy jo web site. Tetszik a panorama lehetoseg. En is ott laktam a zoldseg piac kornyeken.

    Udv, Afrikabol,

  4. Jason Miko Says:

    Hi Istvan….I was in Csikszereda many years ago with cousins from Budapest and Debrecen (I live in Tucson, Arizona). We visited the castle and the town….very beautiful and I’m anxious to get back one day. I had started researching family history and had traced my great-great grandfather back to 1848 in Kosice (my grandfather was born there and then came to the states). I would love to be able to trace them back from there to Csikszereda….know anyone around there who can help me? Thanks! Jason Miko

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