Csikszereda is one of the coldest towns in Romania. In winter the temperature may sink under -30 °C, because of this it is ideal for winter sports. In Csikszereda there is an ice rink named Vákár Lajos, which operates in summer and in winter, there are 2000 seats. The Vákár Lajos ice rink is Romania’s biggest ice rink, here train two teams, HC Csikszerda and Sport Club. These are the strongest teams in Romania. The first team came into existence in 1929.
Vakar Lajos from outside

The Vakar Lajos ice ride from outside

My favourite team is HC Csikszereda, this team won the Mol League in the 2008-2009 season. The Mol League is a championship, there play teams from Romania and Hungary. My favourite Romanian player is Mihály Árpád, he currently plays in HC Csikszereda.

Vakar Lajos ice rank from inside

The Vakar Lajos ice rink from inside

The standard of the local hockey leauge is behind that of the American hockey but the local people watch the Romanian hockey with big interest.