June 14, 2009

Csikszereda is a town in Romania, situated in the Eastern part of Transylvania, in Hargita County. Csikszereda is the Municipality of Hargita County. Around the town there are volcanic mountain ranges called the Hargita and Csik Mountains, at the crossing of the roads which pass through the Carpathian Passes of Tolvajos (Vlăhiţa) and Gyimes.

The town is situated on the banks of the river Olt, at the foot of the Nagysomlyó Mountain (1033m). The altitude of the town is between 655m and 730m above the sea level, Geographical coordinates: lat.:46˚21’ N, long.: 25˚ 48’ E.

Csikszereda was founded in the 16th century, nearby still exist localities as Somlyó (1333), Csiktaploca and other villages – with which the town has merged in the flood area of the river Olt, where market (peasant pairs) was held on Wednesdays (hungarian szerda).

The first known authentic document which certifies this town as “a plain town” is a letter of Queen Izabella, mother of János Zsigmond, Prince of Transylvania, dated back from August, 5th, 1558, in which the inhabitants of the town were exempted from the taxes but not from the ones for the Ottoman Empire.

At Somlyó in 1630, there was a Franciscan gymnasium, and in 1676 there was a printing shop founded by the Franciscan monk Joannes Kájoni. The parish church was built in 1758.

Csikszereda’s oldest street is Petofi street. It was built up in 1869.

Petőfi Street in 1930

Petőfi Street in 1930

Today the people calls it Walking street, because car traffic is not let in.

Petőfi street 2009

Petőfi Street 2009

Here you can see Live Webcam from the town.